Personal projects!

Brick Game Retro ( for Android )

This is a Classic Brick Game which was so much fun. Few more creative campaign added to the mix. I kept theme monochromatic to give it the Retro look.

It was a great experience working on this project. Everything done in C++, openGL with my own 2D engine.

Simulation of Conway’s game of life

Its called game of life because it simulation how population increases or decreases based on abundance and scarcity.

Create an initial configuration and observe how it evolves.

As we dwell deeper, we can create patterns which are self replicating and does much cool stuff .

Flappy Bird

Flappy-Bird style obstacle dodging game. A simple game i made while i was learning java-script.

My best score : 52

Sudoku Solver – v1.0

Throw any Sudoku puzzle at it, it can handle it ! It can provide full solution or can guide to with a simple tip. Puzzle generator with varying difficulty will be coming soon.

PathFinder Plugin for Unity3D

A Simple 2D/3D Pathfinder for games and applications in Unity. You can find the plugin in Unity Store here.