Shader Graph – Vertex displacement with noise


I am trying out the Vertex Displacement with Noise using shaders. In the previous blog post, i had written a shader to displace vertices by a fixed amount. Today I wanna do the same but with noise generator. That will make all the vertices move in random.

Btw i am also trying out the new Shader Graph which unity released in 2019. Am using LWRP ( light weight render pipeline ) because shader graph doesnt seem to work with built in pipeline yet.

Here’s my Progress & it was quite amazing to see the complexity grow as i figured out the basics. (~˘▾˘)~.

Honestly it was pretty easy to try it out, plus I had unity tutorials to refer to. We have bunch of modules we can quickly drag and drop and see some effects.

I think this is simplest way to learn the logical aspect of the shaders. Mostly because we dont need to worry about any syntaxes or silly human errors while programming. Often shader programming can be a pain since it doesnt have much debugging options to start with. But here, everything is visually showcased and animated. So if something breaks, we can see whats broken in a matter of seconds. For an ametuer programmer or an artist trying to figure out what efforts they need, this is a boon.

Also this is something we have seen in Unreal as well.

We get to see all the different possibilities of what we can we do with shaders. For example, today i got to know an algorithm called Voronoi which can be used to generate controlled Noise. All i had to do was drag and drop the voronoi module and Tada, it works!

This is what I was working on!

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