Day 4 – Tried and failed to get MegaCity Working


I was trying to run Unity’s MegaCity Project, unfortunately hadn’t had much luck with it.

This was the same project which they had demonstrated in their 2019 launch event. It has millions of objects loads. Millions of audio sources. and runs on ECS ( entity component system )

After going a lot of back and forth with unity versions, since this is not compatable with any version other than 2019.1 ( not even 2019.2 ). But after all that setup and waiting, it threw an error about not being compatable with Mac and Metal graphics. ಠ╭╮ಠ

It was literally rendering nothing though the project was running. Now, I need to find myself a windows machine to test this out. I sooo want to see this working, so that i can go through all the optimizations and multiple core utilization techniques they have used. Plus its nested prefab system in action, for the first time.

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