Day 1 – Intro & Fixing the website


I borrowed this concept of daily Vlogging from HomeMade Hero. It’s about putting your development progress in here daily ( or when ever i get to work ) . My friends Gourav and Nirmal are having a nasty laugh at this. :D

Fixing few issues with my Blog

There were a lot of broken links in my blog. After a bit of googling and breaking my head, i found out that its an issue with WordPress and i had to refresh the Perma links.

Here’s what I did: In the WordPress Admin panel, Navigate to the settings menu, and select “Permalinks”.

Permalinks Settings Options

Change the permalinks structure twice. Once to a different setting (click save), then the second time back to the setting it was supposted to be on (click save). Voila! My navigation links worked again! Yay!.

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